SAF 101

What are SAFs?

Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) are renewable biofuels made from sources like plant oils, waste oils, and agricultural residues. They are designed to reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint by providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional jet fuels.

How Can SAFs Be Carbon Neutral if they emit carbon?

Although SAFs emit carbon when burned, they can be carbon neutral because the plants used to produce them absorb CO₂ during growth, balancing out emissions.

Neste employee standing in front of Emirates Boeing 777
Image source: Emirates
Emirates Becomes First International Carrier to Use Neste’s SAF at Singapore Changi Airport

June 13, 2024

Emirates has begun using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplied by Neste at Singapore Changi Airport, becoming the first international carrier to do so. This collaboration marks a significant step in Emirates’ sustainability efforts and SAF adoption in Asia.